OPENING SEQUANCE Of a Film That hasn't been shot yet.
Created by: Dean Horovitz

Space to the sea, is an experiment whose purpose is to demonstrate communication between
a submarine which is at the bottom of The sea and the space station, through an acoustic sensor
at sea level. Also recently a source of water was found on the moon of Jupiter. The choice of
subject stemmed mainly from the thought of a new stellar study, an in-depth study. The mysterious
world tha exists in the study of the water world, both on Earth and on other planets can teach
humanity many things.

The thought of cracking a glass ceiling that will set not only in outer space but also in our globe led to
the thought of the future of humans on Earth and the impact of the evolutionary process that will make
it difficult for humans to survive on Earth and make us find solutions in creative places. The response
to the space experiment to the sea was characterized by the creation of a logical survival story, world creation, and critique About the reality we live in and how exactly this experiment will cause the super solution. The story presents a scenario in which in 3000 the earth rots, following the incessant hunting
of the fish, as the DHU loses all the fish in the seas and oceans, which causes an imbalance in the
natural system and leads to viruses and decay intensifying. Mankind is carrying out the "JONAH3000" mission - a mission that aims to revive fish in the waters of the earth with the help of fish cloning.
It chooses to do so at the only pure water source left in the galaxy, Lake 943 in Jupiter

The opening titles present key moments from the series and focus on screen design with an emphasis
on atmosphere, image, and typography. As part of the storytelling tools in a graphic opening.